Lina Shehadeh, Ph.D.

Aptamers May Hold Clue to Treating Heart Failure

As the heart progresses toward heart failure, it produces high levels of a protein called Osteopontin, which is known to activate pathological remodeling of the heart. Lina Shehadeh, Ph.D., assistant professor of medicine, and a team of investigators decided to see if they could find a way to block Osteopontin signaling to prevent — or possibly even reverse — heart failure.

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Preventing Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Cohen on Univision (Spanish)

Dr. Mauricio Cohen speaks to Univision about preventing cardiovascular disease. (Spanish Audio)

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Heart Health: Know Your Numbers! with ISCI Study Investigator Dr. Mitrani

ISCI Study Investigator Raul Mitrani appeared on YOUR SOUTH FLORIDA to discuss the importance of “Knowing Your Numbers.”

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Joshua M. Hare, M.D.

Dr. Joshua M. Hare Leads Miller School Participants at World Stem Cell Summit

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine made a splash at the prestigious 12th Annual World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS), with high-profile participation from the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute (ISCI) and physicians and researchers from other departments.

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Bradley Goldstein, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Bradley Goldstein Receives Research Grant to Study Olfactory Loss

Bradley Goldstein, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of otolaryngology, is a new recipient of a Clinician/Scientist Development Award from the Triological Society and the American College of Surgeons, supporting his research on olfactory loss. The new award provides an additional $80,000 a year for three years.

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