Discovery Council

Be Part of the Discovery Council. And Change the Course of Medical History.

Imagine being responsible for rapidly advancing revolutionary therapies for hard-to-treat diseases. And for eventually saving thousands – even hundreds of thousands of lives.

That’s just what being a member of our prestigious Discovery Council means. This small group of forward-thinking philanthropists are helping to propel our research into new realms, which will lead to FDA-approved treatments for countless Americans suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Discovery Council funding enables the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Research Institute to accelerate research, leverage state-of-the-art technology and bring together the world’s top scientific minds.

The Discovery Council is not for everyone. It requires an extraordinarily generous gift – one that reflects the life-changing nature of our historic mission.

We look forward to having you as one of our prestigious Discovery Council members. Together, we can transform medical care as we know it.

Make your Discovery Council gift.