Research & Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials/Research

The Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute enrolls patients, coordinates, and carries out research studies. By participating in a stem cell study, you may have the opportunity to assist us in answering questions and discovering new treatments and techniques to improve individual quality of life and treat disease.

Clinical Research is a partnership between doctors and patients working together to improve medicine. The ultimate goal of all clinical research is to cure disease and improve quality of life.

Making sure participants are safe is the top priority in all clinical research studies. For example, before any research study can start at the University of Miami, it must be approved by a team of doctors, experts and community members called the Institutional Review Board. For safety reasons, not every person will be eligible for every study.

If you have a disease that is currently being studied and would like to participate in a clinical trial (or would like more information about participating), please contact Study Coordinators at (305) 243-7444.